Why Georgia HITEC?

Georgia HITEC is an exceptional Health IT resource for Meaningful Use – and that’s just the beginning. We can help you create better outcomes, better income, and a higher value for your practice.

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Onsite Meaningful Use implementation and help from certified content experts. Workflow re­design. A statewide Health Information Exchange, IACET­accredited Continuing Education, and the list goes on…

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09/22/16- WEBINAR- Part 2- Preparing for Meaningful Use Modified Stage 2 201609/22/16- WEBINAR- Part 2- Preparing for Meaningful Use Modified Stage 2 201609/22/16- WEBINAR- Part 2- Preparing for Meaningful Use Modified Stage 2 2016

12/09/16- Privacy And Security

11/16/16- WEBINAR- MIPS: It’s all about Quality 

09/22/16- WEBINAR- Part 2- Preparing for Meaningful Use Modified Stage 2 2016

08/16/16- WEBINAR- Preparing for Meaningful Use Modified Stage 2 2016: Are You Ready?

06/21/16 Webinar-Audit Preparedness: Are You Ready in Case of an MIP MU Audit?

06/02/2016 Webinar- Paying For Quality- What Is The Impact On Health Equity

05/12/2016 Webinar- How to Use the New CDC Guidelines on Opioids for Treatment

04/19/2016 – GA Hitec Webinar: Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative (TCPI) Program Overview

03/17/2016 – TCC Webinar: Collecting Social, Psychological and Behavioral Data in EHRs

03/15/2015 PCMH Implementation: The Benefits of Recognition and Sustained Transformation

02/22/2016 – NCPC Webinar: Challenges Facing Clinicians Treating Tobacco Use Patients

02/16/2016 PQRS Reporting: Who & What in 2016

02/10/2016 – GA-HITEC WEBINAR: PQRS2016 Update Webinar

02/08/2016 – GA-HITEC Webinar: Engaging Primary Care Providers in Older Adult Mental Health

01/19/2016 – GA-HITEC Webinar: Improving Identification of Depression and Alcohol Use Disorder in Primary Care

01/19/2016 The Journey to a Successful Medication Reconciliation

12/17/2015 – 2015-2017 Meaningful Use- Modifications Final Rule – Part II

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